What is Qigong?

Qi is the Life Force Energy that powers your heartbeat and gives strength.

Gong is the Practice of Increasing Life Force Energy for better quality of life.

It's easy. Anyone can do it!

Qigong uses Breathing Techniques, Postures & Special Movements to harmonize blood flow.  
Hand movements generate a healing magnetic field. 

Fun to practice, Qigong gives powerful benefits that other exercises do not.
Few types of exercise can match Qigong's blood circulatory boosting effects.

Effectiveness of Qigong is proven in China and Tibet where Qigong originated.
Qi Revolution is dedicated to sharing this ancient knowledge in hopes of a higher world vision with optimal health for all human beings.

Maladies helped by Qigong include pain, cancer, diabetes, PTSD, stress, depression and others.
*Qigong therapy for cancer. Integr Cancer Ther. 2002; 1, 4
*Qigong for cancer patients. Am J Chin Med. 2008; 36, 3
*Qigong for osteoarthritis. Clin Rheumatol. 2008; 27, 12
July 28th-30th, 2018
FLORIDA   Bradenton Conv. Center
*Qigong National Event 
August 25th-27th
NEW MEXICO  Albuquerque Conv.
September 1st-3rd
COLORADO  Denver Hyatt Regency
September 8th-10th
ARIZONA  Phoenix Convention Cen.
September 22nd-24th
WASHINGTON  Tacoma Conv. Cnt 
October 6th-8th
OREGON  Portland Conv. Center
October 20th-22nd
TEXAS  Denton Civic Center
March 30th-April 1st, 2019
N. CAROLINA  Asheville Civic Center
Saturday ~ empowerMENT
Day 1
9 AM - 6 PM with 1 HR Lunch Break
  • Intro:    History of Qigong & Chinese Medicine.
  • Empty Force:  Generates Magnetic Healing Qi.   Grounds Energy Increases Blood Circulation. 
  • Breath Empowerment:   Powerful Technique Oxygenates, Heals and Gives the Ultimate Qi.
  • Food-Healing:   Intro by Claudia Gabrielle, MD   Free Radical Science, Fat Acids, Antioxidants, Foods for Common Diseases, Digestive Health.
  • Qigong Level-1 Healing:   Our Primary Routine.  Targets All Organ Systems.  We Practice Daily.

Sunday ~ activation
Day 2
9 AM - 6 PM with 1 HR Lunch Break
  • Food Healing:  Smoothies/Red Pepper Paste.  
  • Qigong for Service People:   Veteran Programs  Drug Rehab, Breath Replaces Opiates, PTSD.  Instructors Damon Damato, Todd Nichols LMT
  • Qigong Level-2 Healing Form:  Wide Stance Connective Qi Postures, Walking Style Qigong.
  • 9-Breath Method:  Our Most Powerful Breath.    Feels like Waterfall of Energy Dissolving Stress.
  • 9-Breath Healing Circle:  Electricity Moves.   We Send Prayers Powerful Qi to Loved Ones.

Day 3
9 AM - 6 PM with 1 Hr Lunch Break
  • Qigong Strength Train:  Build Muscle with Qi.
  • Guest Master of Chi:   Sifu Michael Stults.        Honorably Presenting Chi Tao Meridian System.
  • Wuji Level-3 Freestyle:  Allows for Creative Qi. Spine Foot Rooting, Tai Chi Alignment Laws.
  • Tui Na and Qi Transmission:   Sending Qi Using Acupressure Touch, Fascia Activation. 
  • Foot Reflexology:  Reduce Pain, Boost Energy.
  • 5-Element Psychology:   Chinese Life Wisdom.

"I Was Stressed OUT!"
"My stress has gone down dramatically since attending  
QI REVOLUTION and learning Qigong.  Doing 9 Breath Method gave me a new understanding of what breathing exercises can accomplish. I've extensively studied this 
Food-Healing system and I recommend it to my patients."
 Perrin Clark, M.D.   Top Florida Surgeon 
Letter from 
Department of Veterans Affairs
Todd Nichols was certified by Supreme Science Qigong Center 10 years ago.
Since then, he's shared it with 1000's of U.S. Veterans and Drug Rehab Patients.  
Todd Nichols, Supreme Science Qigong Instructor 
Practicing the Nine-Breath Method 
TOP 7 REASONS to Attend Qi Revolution
#1) Learn about Foods that destroy health and which foods help reverse specific diseases.
#2) Learn Breathing Techniques that dissolves stress and negativity with powerful energy.
#3) Learn 3 Levels of Qigong Healing to improve blood circulation, digestion & metabolism.
#4) Learn Qi Meditations that clear your mind and improve your ability to focus naturally.
#5) Learn Qi Reflexology and Tui Na Massage techniques for reducing pain and fast healing.
#6) Learn 5-Element Psychology to understand yourself and help improve your relationships.
#7) Connect with like-minded people as you learn new skills good for you and for the planet.
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