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"I've practiced medicine for 25 years in America, Europe and India. 
The Conquering Any Disease book is MONUMENTAL for medicine. 
My patients are getting off medications and onto Food Healing."
-Claudia Gabrielle, MD   Ivy League Physician    Salem, NH
"I've studied with five Qigong masters and practiced for over 20 years.  Supreme Science Qigong has the best videos that I have ever seen 
for getting the authentic experience and benefits of Qigong."
-Shawn Nelson,  Army Veteran - Phoenix,  AZ
Learn the Most Powerful Breath Techniques 
Since 1999, Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack has shared 
BREATH EMPOWERMENT with over 50,000 live people.
He speaks with experience and encouragement.
“I practiced Breath Empowerment everyday straight for 5 years, because of how awesome it feels! My mother had circulation issues and doctors were going to amputate her foot. Doing the breathwork regularly opened her circulation and saved her life!"  -Damon Damato,  Las Vegas, NV  
Food Healing    Books & Videos
Package #1 - $95
Conquering Any Disease Hardcover 2017

280 Pages Life Saving Wisdom
Covers All Healing Foods of 
Importance and Protocols

Allergies, Alzheimer’s/Memory, Anti-Viral HIV/Hepatitis, Anemia, Arthritis/Pain, Asthma/Lung Disease, Autism, Cancer, Tumor, Immune Weakness Colds, Flu Virus, MRSA, Digestive/Constipation/IBS/Ulcers, Depression, PTSD, Diabetes, Eye/Vision, Heart Disease/Blood Pressure/Stroke, Cholesterol Crystalization, Infertility, Insomnia, Kidney Stones, Liver Disease, Cirrhosis, MRSA, Infection, Menopause, Muscle Building, MS, Jing, Hair, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, Seizures, 
Sex, Thyroid, Weight Loss and more!
Package #2 - $160
Conquering Any Disease Hardcover  +
Food Healing Video ~ 5 Hour Online Seminar
       Kitchen Instruction ~ How to Make Pepper Paste!

Food Healing Live Seminar with Author Jeff Primack

Filmed live at the annual certification and takes the best 5 hrs presentation footage with 500 beautiful slides showing science.

Introduces Conquering Any Disease food philosophy and free radical aging science.
Covers all healing foods Acai-Watermelon.
Claudia Gabrielle, MD Ivy League Doctor speaks 30 min on foods for depression. 

Now includes Kitchen Footage of exact process to make SWEET PEPPER PASTE,
the highest carotenoid food on Earth! 

Guided Breathing Practices
Package #1 - $45
Breath Empowerment 
Live & Studio Versions

Sound of Breath Guides 
Music Timed for Qi Flow
Guaranteed Vibrations

*LIVE Version 
*Studio Cosmic Version
*Complete Theory 
Package #2 - $75
Breath Empowerment  +
9-Breath Method Series

Meditate on Profound Qi
Expands Consciousness
Smile from Ear to Ear

*Global Personal Healing
*Kundalini Activation 
*Hands on Healing Practice
Most Popular Qigong Videos 
Package #1 - $45

Qigong Video Level-1 Healing Form: 40 minutes
Qigong Manual Theory Illustrations: 144 pages

Animated Easy Learning
Powerful Qigong You Feel
Guaranteed Healing Energy

Same video used by thousands of Certified Qigong Instructors. Camera angles from multiple sides allow for better practice and easier alignment. .

Contains all our Qigong exercises clearly explained and illustrated. 

Package #2 - $75
                          All of Package #1 + Level 2
Qigong Video Level-2 Healing Form:   35 minutes
Qigong Video Nine-Breath Explained:  10 minutes  

Remastered 2017 Animations
Secrets of Qigong Made Clear 
Expanded Rooted Postures 

Our newest creation has night sky and beyond realistic Qi animations.
Broad movements compliment the Level-1 Qigong Form to alternate.

10 Min Video:  Nine-Breath Method
Jeff Primack and Kai Van Bodhi explain how to do technique.
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