Qi Activation

What is Qi?

-As Defined by Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack

QI is the "Leading Force" behind blood circulation and feels like a PULSE. During Qigong practice people report sensing a powerful blood flow into their hands and feet.

Often it takes people by surprise how warm they feel after making just a few movements.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) states that virtually every disease is caused by lack of blood to organs, joints & extremities.

Qigong can move more blood in your body than jogging many miles... while standing still in relaxed postures!!! Yoga works with energy, but to a lesser degree and although we practice and love yoga, Qigong does what Yoga cannot.

We train many thousands of yoga teachers and they are always blown away by the Tangibility of Qi experienced. Intense exercise releases CORTISOL and constricts vessels. Qigong moves blood while the practitioner is RELAXED and therefore gets a level of circulation that is unmatched.

Some people may have a knot in their stomach or bad digestion. Qigong usually improves this condition. 
Blood can work itself through closed off capillaries when a person is relaxed and increasing Qi in that area.

Qi dwells "In The Air" according to ancient masters and thus BREATHING techniques are the most powerful type of Qigong.  9-Breath Method is our favorite technique.

It gets you naturally high — better than any drug and cleanses the blood. Within 1 minute the results are apparent.  “The Buzz” as we call it, does more than simply release endorphins, it restores blood at the cellular level!  Want scientific proof? Check out the microscope slide revealing the blood revitalizing power of our methods.

PTSD veterans coming back from Iraq are saying our Qigong works better than anything else to feel PEACE. Anxiety patients say doing 9-Breath Method calms more effectively than taking Xanax and tranquilizers. Imagine what Qigong can do for you! The possibilities are endless...

Before Qigong a health conscious test subject has "sticky" red blood cells even though he eats healthy. After doing 9-Breath Method one time (45 second technique) his blood changes dramatically with cells becoming rounder. Optimal health happens at the cellular level!  This breathing science has groundbreaking implications for diseases that thrive in low oxygen, like cancer & bacterial infections.

Top 10 Health-Benefits of Qigong:

  1. Improves the motion of blood, warms the blood and enhances whole body circulation.
  2. Stimulates healthy appetite, sex function, assimilation of nutrients, digestion/elimination.
  3. Accelerates metabolism, weight loss/gain decreases need for sleep/promotes endurance.
  4. Bolsters immunity by reducing cortisol, the catabolic hormone an inhibitor of cytokine.
  5. Develops dexterity, reflexes.  Weight bearing Qigong prevents Osteoporosis in clinical studies.
  6. Opens arteries allowing greater brain-based microcirculation to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
  7. Enhances mental acuity, focus and concentration. The Qi draws focus and trains the mind.
  8. Helps us to calm down, relax and become more peaceful.
  9. Remarkably improves results of hands on healing, such as Reiki.
  10. Deepens connection with our SPIRIT connecting us to God/Source.