Qi Activation

About the Teacher

For over 15 years, Jeff Primack has shared Qigong Healing with tens of thousands of people. It all began when he founded Supreme Science Qigong Center and began flying in different “Qigong Masters” from China and other countries to Florida for the purpose of teaching seminars. Jeff built a reputation for Qigong by bringing in masters with a minimum of 50 years Qigong training. Over years studying alongside these masters learning advanced concepts to formulate his present day Qigong system.

Jeff is also an Author and Food Healing Pioneer. His books sold in hundreds of Acupuncture & Chiropractor clinics and receive rave reviews. “Conquering ANY Disease” is perhaps his best known work with SPECIFIC PROTOCOLS that have been time tested effective at helping people USE FOOD to reverse nearly every disease. Jeff references the latest 2015 science and speaks in simple language everyone can understand. His style of teaching makes it so a third grader can get it, but containing all the details so no important information is left out.

Jeff has certified over 3,000 Qigong Teachers across the United States. His philosophy has ALWAYS BEEN that Qigong should be affordable to anyone who wants to learn. Even his advanced trainings are low priced compared to what others charge. Jeff also HOLDS NOTHING BACK and teaches you everything he knows. Discover for yourself the power of Qigong and let Jeff Primack share with you his wisdom on reaching your full potential.

"I have been a Tai Chi practitioner for 40 years, but I never felt the Qi like I did with this form of Qigong. So impressed with my experience, I have become a Level-3 Supreme Science Qigong instructor, and I am teaching my patients with very gratifying results." - Larry Freeman, M.D., A.P. Palo Alto, CA