Qi Activation

Food Healing

-As Defined by Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack

My father was given '2 weeks to live' with stage 4 cancer.  He’s followed your protocol for over 4 years and is still cancer free!  He currently runs a restaurant and feels great!
Jennifer Maloney, LMT
Mundelein, IL
My HIV AIDS viral count was in millions before starting your program. After 3 months doing your anti-viral protocol my viral count went down to the thousands! Today my viral count is considered “Undetectable” by six different blood tests. I am now teaching this!
Emily Sunderland
Carlsbad, CA
After 11 weeks of Food Healing my LDL cholesterol is 98 and blood pressure normal.  My doctor says I no longer need any meds!
Ken Stinnett
Las Cruses, NM
I’ve lost 60 pounds and my HgA1c went from 6.4 to 5.7.  My doctor stated she is  going to take me off my oral diabetes meds!
Lisa Runyon
Lakeland, FL

Most diseases are reversible with food. However, just eating healthy isn't enough. The real secret lies in using specific foods to help specific diseases. For example, kiwi is quick to help reverse Asthma, which we've seen hundreds of our students reverse within 1 week of following the Asthma food protocol. Asthma is a completely unnecessary disease and appears to be nutritionally caused.   Foods like Bitter Melon have phytochemicals “structurally similar” to the hormone Insulin and its use in fine cuisine is a specialty of ours.  Hundreds of Qigong friends I’ve made over the years have reversed diabetes eating it regularly.

We are privileged to have a live seminar platform in which to have tested our protocols with over 50,000 people. After 10 years fine tuning protocols with REAL people, they were published into a hardcover textbook, "Conquering Any Disease". At its core, our program uses fruits & vegetables from the grocery store,   medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs to reverse diseases. Emphasis is on increasing digestive fire, metabolism & having big-strong bowel movements. Nobody is perfectly healthy without amazing digestion.

Using Our Food-Healing System 100’s Report Complete Reversal of: Asthma, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis/Fracture, Endocrine & Thyroid Issues, Viruses HIV & Hep.

Most people have at least one health issue that isn’t perfect or something they’d like to improve. Some are best to focus on eating certain foods. The health issues present should determine the foods chosen to eat. The notion that  "Specific Foods Reverse Specific Diseases" means some of us need to really focus on specialized foods for their issues.

Regardless if you have a disease or not... 
Most people desire to have bigger bowel movements and a higher sex drive. This program WORKS and has people still following it after over 5 years. People are ABLE to stay on this diet long term, because it doesn’t make Food preparation become your life's mission.

Learn How “Superior Tasting” Dairy-Free Delicious Cooked Meals, Healing Sauces & Regenerative Desserts can help REVERSE disease.  Fruits, Vegetables, Tonic Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms contain PHYTOCHEMICALS that unlock our body's immune and endocrine system, but most people don't get enough of them. Phytochemicals hide in cellulose fibers of seeds, stems, skins and rinds of the fruits & vegetables we eat.  Many eat the right foods, but throw away the parts with all the medicine!  

Think you know all there is to know about nutrition?  Most experts are BLOWN away by the scope of what we teach on Day 1 of the seminar alone.  Discover the most profoundly useful knowledge to protect your health and the people you care about.