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4-Days Intensive Training in Qigong Breathing, Food-Healing,
Strength Training, Tui Na, Reflexology Massage and more $149!

Learn to regulate your blood circulation, digestion and immunity
using specialized QIGONG movements and breathing techniques.
Build muscles without weights and activate powerful Qi inside you.

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50,000 people have attended Qi Revolution since 2005.
Almost all said it was their
Most Powerful Experience of Qi.

Have more ENERGY than you ever thought was possible
in the first 3 hours or get a FULL REFUND for your ticket!

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4-Day Workshop Only $149 Seating Limited Get Tickets Early
Training is a Complete Immersion in Qigong & Food Healing

Phone: 800-298-8970
CE Approved Since 2005
Money Back Guarantee



“I’ve intensively studied and practiced Tai Chi for 40 years
and had never felt ENERGY this powerful before. I now teach
this system to my patients!” - Dr. Larry Freeman M.D.

“Qi Revolution is definitely the most powerful workshop I’ve
ever attended. The 9-Breath Circle was an experience few
things in life can compare to. - Dr. George Munoz M.D.



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